Not My Egg Salad Sandwich


In my life, I have made many different egg salad sandwiches. In fact, every time I make egg salad it is slightly different. That is because, despite what most delis will have you believe, egg salad is extremely versatile. Different mustards, spices, cheeses, even nuts, can create new and interesting combinations. I have made horseradish egg salad with pickled beets on black bread, curried egg salad with pistachios in pita pockets (there used to be a recipe for this on Whole Foods’ website which is where I got the idea, but I didn’t follow the recipe), and even wasabi egg salad with avocado inside rice balls. Even the bland stuff at deli can be blank canvas for tasty garnishes. At a DC area sandwich chain (whose really strange name shall remain unsaid), I like my egg salad on a spinach tortilla with provolone cheese, tomato, hot pepper rings, and sprouts. It is tasty. But I have said enough about the way I like my egg salad, because as I said in the title, the subject of this post is not my egg salad sandwich.

This egg salad sandwich belongs to someone else. A very special someone else. It was even named after her. The name of my blog would probably annoy her, but that is a different story. I am too far away today to get a real sandwich from the ice cream parlor that sells them, so I decided to make one myself.

Step 1) The Bread

I woke up to the smell of this baking this morning. Delay timers on bread machines are a good thing. This bread from The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook, is called Whole Wheat Cuban Bread, although I am not sure if it should still be considered whole wheat if you use half whole wheat flour and half white bread flour. But that is what the book calls it, I call it “half wheat bread”. It was still very good, crusty outside and soft inside with that nutty flavor that wheat breads have. Also it is vegan, which I found interesting. It doesn’t taste vegan.

Step 2) The Eggs

To make egg salad, you must first boil some eggs. I have boiling eggs down to an art; my yolks are always fully set and bright yellow with not even a hint of grey, and the shells peel of easily 99.5% of the time. To do this I start by covering cold eggs with cold water in a saucepan (this is the one time that it is better not to use fresh eggs). I bring the water to a full rolling boil (uncovered) over high heat and continue to boil for 5 minutes. Then I remove the pan from the burner, cover, and wait 20 minutes. When the timer goes off, I transfer the eggs to ice water and put them in the fridge for a few minutes (**this step is very important**). There you have it. Perfect eggs every time.

Step 3) The Egg Salad

Since this is not my egg salad sandwich, I wanted to make a simple, but still flavorful salad. To do this, I mixed 2 tsp mayo with 1/2 tsp honey mustard (it is the yellowest one I have on hand) and a smidgen of minced sweet onion for flavor. Then I chopped 2 eggs in the bowl (I don’t like to waste yolk on a cutting board, and you can actually chop eggs easily with a butter knife so it doesn’t scratch the bowl) and mixed.

Sometimes a sunny yellow egg salad can lift your spirits a little.

Step 4) Assembly

Assembling this sandwich was rather simple. All I added were some Red Oak lettuce leaves I picked up at the farmers’ market this morning. Lettuce is not really my favorite accompaniment to egg salad, but this is how this sandwich should be. Then I cut it on a diagonal, because that is what I do.

It was really quite good. Thank you for letting me share your lunch. 🙂