CSA: Week 1

This year I decided to join a CSA. No, it has nothing to do with Civil War reenactment. Community supported agriculture, CSA for short, is a common practice where farmers sell shares of their crops to people in advance of the harvest. In return, those people get a share of the harvested vegetables every week. While there is risk involved- you are essentially buying your groceries before they are grown- more and more small farms are relying on CSA membership to get by.
The CSA that I joined us called The Lamb’s Quarter, which is based in Maryland, but also sets up a stand at the Alexandria farmers’ market, which is also the location of one of their CSA pickups. Saturday morning of Memorial Day Weekend I picked up my first bunch of vegetables, which consisted of mostly leafy greens. I figure, since I don’t record every single thing I eat on the blog, that I should post a weekly roundup of what I did with the CSA goodies.
Week 1:
1 small bunch radishes

  • Sandwich with butter and salt

1 medium bag mixed lettuces

  • Salads

1 medium bag “ovation greens” (mostly Asian greens and lettuces)

  • Lavash sandwiches with feta and harissa

1 medium bag kale

  • Kale lasagna

1 large bag arugula

  • Scrambled eggs with arugula and ricotta
  • Roasted potatoes with leeks and wilted arugula

2 heads bok choy

  • Kim chi

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