Easy Asparagus Tart

I’m back. I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while but I have a broken foot and I have been very tired and haven’t had any interest in writing. Also I have been on a bit of a geneology kick and I have been spending most of my internet time working on that instead of my blog.

But tonight I felt inspired, because I had to tell you something, dear readers. Ian was wrong. Ian was very wrong. I told him that I wanted to make an asparagus tart (with the purple asparagus I paid a little too much for at the market) for dinner, and he turned up his nose. I told him I would make him a chicken breast, too, and he told me he would rather order a pizza. But I had already started thawing the puff pastry crust, so I won and made dinner.

I followed this recipe from Closet Cooking, mostly. However, I didn’t have any Gruyere, and I didn’t feel like buying any, so I used a mixture of fresh mozzarella and parmesan. I also spread a thin layer of pesto on the bottom instead of mustard, because I had it on hand. Finally, instead of using plain olive oil to brush on the outside, I used a mixture of canola oil and truffle oil (I had bought a small bottle as an impulse without realizing it was made with chemicals and not real truffles, and I used canola because it is neutral to thin out the potent truffle oil) I also dabbed the asparagus on top with a little of the oil so it would roast better.

This is the tart before I cooked it. It was really easy to assemble; it only took a few minutes.

And this is the tart when it came out:

The crust was golden and crispy and buttery, the asparagus was roasted to perfection, and the cheese was melty and gooey just like it would have been on the pizza Ian wanted to order. The truffle oil gave a rich, earthy flavor to it all and really pulled the flavors together. Even Ian agreed it was kind of awesome, which was evident when he ate most of it.

To lighten dinner up, I also made green salads with mixed lettuces, green onions, and a little parmesan. I topped it with a vinaigrette of shallot, salt, pepper, mustard, truffle oil, canola oil (to tie in with the tart and for the same reasons as earlier), and white wine vinegar.

For Ian’s chicken breast, I sprinkled it with some dry mustard, brushed it with some of the leftover truffle/canola oil mixture from the tart, and then seasoned it with salt and pepper and baked it. Halfway through I turned it over and seasoned the other side. Ian said he liked that, too. He ate it pretty quickly, so I guess he was telling the truth.

After dinner, I asked him if he would have rather had pizza. He said no.


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