Trader Joe’s Tamales

Last Saturday I stocked up on frozen and prepared foods at Trader Joe’s. Seriously, I have not had this many meals ready to eat in the house in a long time. Tonight we decided to try Trader “Jose’s” handcrafted frozen tamales.

I had the Cheese & Green Chile Tamales. The package came with two, but I only ate one (the other is in my lunch for tomorrow). The tamale was pretty good; the flavor was mild, but good. I wish it had a little more presence, because if I hadn’t done anything to dress it up, it probably would have been a little dry and bland.

Instead I topped the tamale with cheese and avocado, and served it with a side of salsa and sour cream. That made it even better.

Ian had these Beef Tamales, which he said had shredded beef in a sauce inside. He said they were pretty good.

Ian’s were also topped with avocado and cheese and served with a side of salsa. At least the toppings gave it some semblance of being fresh. I can’t wait to eat real food again.


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