Black Bread v. 1

The other night, I made my first loaf  of bread without exactly following a recipe. Actually, what I did was take two recipes, and combine them. For quite a while, I have been in love with this recipe for Black Bread, by Deb over at smitten kitchen. However, I own a bread machine and therefore find the process of making bread without it completely overwhelming, particularly on a weeknight. However, my go to compendium of breadmaking knowledge, The Breadlover’s Bread Machine Cookbook, had a recipe for “Bohemian Black Bread” that was not very different. It did however, lack some of the SEVENTEEN ingredients that Deb’s version had. So, I combined the two recipes, to not quite bad results. I am going to keep working on the proportions in the recipe – it lacks the depth I am looking for – but when I am finished, I will post it.

The bread didn’t rise much (almost not at all), and at first I was worried, but it didn’t taste gummy like the loaf I made that failed. It was just dense, and in this style of bread, that is not a bad thing. As is, it actually isn’t a bad knockoff of the pumpernickel from La Brea Bakery, you can find it at the Harris Teeter by my house, as well as many other locations, but that is not quite what I am looking for. Well, back to the drawing board.


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