A Simple Sunday Brunch

Before heading out on Sunday, Phillie helped me make eggs and bacon for everyone. She cooked the bacon (her first time), while I made scrambled eggs and toast. It was nothing fancy, but it was good and filling.

Some people (a former roommate included) might consider it sacrilege to not use milk in scrambled eggs, but I have always liked them better this way. Instead I melted a little butter (From Blue Ridge Dairy) in my frying pan over medium low heat, and cracked 8 eggs (from EcoFriendly Foods) into a medium mixing bowl (always crack each egg into a ramekin first and then add to the larger bowl). Then I mixed them with a cooking chopstick (this is one of my secret cooking tips) and poured them in the pan. After they set a little, I started stirring with a spatula. When they were almost set, I stirred in a mix of shredded cheddar and gouda (from Fields of Grace Farms) and removed them from the heat (they will continue cooking from the residual heat). These were pretty standard, and there were no complaints. I put some salsa on the table for people to add if they wanted.

The bacon, which was smoked, though I forget the exact name (from EcoFriendly Foods), was Phillie’s job to cook. It looked like she did a good job, although it was cut a little thick. Side note- the house smelled like bacon for over 24 hours after she cooked this.

The toast was leftover Peasant Bread that I had made from with my Bread Machine. It wasn’t super dark, but it looks lighter in this photo. I served it with my apple butter and a couple other jams and butter.

Although this was nothing special, it was nice, and sometimes the meal not about what you eat, but the people you eat it with.


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