Hedgehogs for Dinner!

No, don’t worry, we did not eat my beloved Keshmesh (for those of you who may have stumbled across this blog without actually knowing me, I own a pet hedgehog). Instead, we had scrump-diddly-uptious mushrooms cooked into a sauce for pasta.

These lovely darlings, which I bought from the mushroom lady at the farmers’ market last Saturday are Hydnum repandum, also known as hedgehog mushrooms. They got their name, because instead of having lines on their undersides like most mushrooms, these have spikes that look very much like the quills of their namesake.

This one even kind of looked like a hedgehog.

Since they are wild mushrooms, they were a little dirty, so I had to clean them before cooking. Yes, of course, I used my veg-hog vegetable brush.

Unfortunately, the only thing I measured while cooking tonight was the butter (2 tbsp), so I will have to give you a non-recipe, but this wouldn’t be hard to replicate. After cleaning them, I cooked them in my favorite fashion the only way mushrooms should ever be cooked: sauteed with butter and a little onion. I added enough white wine to make a sauce and let them simmer.

This smelled very, very good.

Meanwhile, I started boiling a pot of water. When it reached a full rolling boil, I dumped in a package of pesto tortelloni from Trader Joes. When the pasta was just about done, I added some coarse Sel Gris de Guerande (grey French sea salt), crumbled in some goat cheese, and finished with fresh black pepper. The sauce thickened a bit more than I wanted, so when I was straining the pasta, I added some pasta water to the mixture. Then I tossed the tortelloni with the sauce, plated, and sprinkled some shredded parmesan cheese on top.

Voila! If I didn’t have to clean the mushrooms, this would have only taken 15 minutes. The pasta wasn’t bad, but the sauce was excellent.

I wonder what he would think?


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