My First Post

A blog’s first post should be special. It is a blank slate, like the first page of a clean notebook. When I was a kid in school, on the first page of every spiral notebook I would inscribe (in my very best handwriting) my name, the subject matter, the time period, et cetera. It always looked so pretty. Perhaps this is the perfectionist in me, but I always want things to be “just so” at the start, which is probably why I so rarely start anything like this.

Most of this will eventually be added to the as of yet blank “About Me” section, but here goes. I love to cook. I love to entertain. I rarely use recipes, but I  do my best to transform my cooking into recipes for other people. My cooking techniques have developed considerably. When I first moved away from home at 18, I didn’t make much beyond beans & rice, pasta, salads, and sandwiches. I loved macaroni and cheese out of a box. Undergrad was a culinary experience for me. I moved from a small town in Florida to Washington, DC and began my exposure to a whole new world of flavors outside of the Italian and various Latin American cuisine. I became immediately enamored with Lebanese and Indian dishes, but over time I also grew to love Turkish, Thai, Persian, Afghan, Japanese and even Chinese food, sometimes.

After, I graduated, I spent a year in Russia, studying Russian. In addition to further broadening my culinary horizons (one day I shall wax poetic on the wonder that is khachapuri), I also had to cook a lot more with limited kitchen resources. Necessity being the mother of invention and all, I learned how to do a lot.

While in grad school, I had all these desires to stop eating processed crap, partly brought about by health issues. However, while I did cook a lot, I just couldn’t find the time to do all that. So, now, armed with my diploma and unemployed (for the time being), I am ready to dig right in and start cooking, and I am going to document my journey on this blog.

I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian (I really don’t understand vegans), and I have been since I was 11 years old. However, I am not one of those “evangelical vegetarians” as I like to call them. In fact, I even cook meat for my boyfriend and my guests, but I tend to follow a general “you don’t tell me what to eat and I won’t tell you what to eat” mantra. I do love the smell of bacon, but I don’t really have any desire to actually eat it. It’s a funny story, actually, how I became a vegetarian. When I was a kid, we had family friends who were vegetarians, and one day I came home and told my dad that I wanted to be like them, and not eat meat anymore. He looked at me and said, “You couldn’t be a vegetarian,” and I said, “Oh yeah?” We made an agreement that after New Year’s Day lasagna at my grandmother’s house, I would not eat meat for 6 months. The rest, as they say, is history.

Well, that was my first post. I hope to update soon with things I cook, and probably some restaurant reviews, too, because I love going to restaurants and have always wanted to write restaurant reviews. So, until next time…


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